Our school is a uniform School. Students are to wear their yellow polo or t-shirt ( with the school logo) and navy blue skirts or pants.  Uniforms are mandatory every day starting August 23, 2010


Registration Fee


A registration fee will be due upon enrollment. The registration fee will be renewable each August. Registration fee is not refundable.




For your child’s safety and to comply with state regulations, all enrollment forms must be completed before your child attends. (Enrollment, Enrollment Contract, Registration information, Permission & Release forms, Child Pick-Up Form, Emergency Card). Immunization Records and Medical Forms must be on file within thirty days of enrollment.


Tuition Policy    


Tuition is due and payable in advance on the Friday prior to the week of attendance and is for (10) hours care per day. Every day the tuition is late there will be an additional charge of ten dollars. If you are late arriving to pick up your child there will be a charge of $2.00 for every minute you are late. Payments of these fees are due the day of overtime. School services may be suspended until services are paid in full, including fees. Pricing is subject to change at any time during the year upon written or posted notice. We don’t accept checks.

The Tree House Educational Center is licensed by the state for a limited number of children and your payment of fees reserves a space for your child. Tuition is due whether or not your child attends.


Your child is allowed to miss one week per year at no charge when the absenteeism is notified one week in advance to the Director. You may not use any of the vacation time during the 90 days of services (working Days). If your child is absent for more than one week during any calendar year, regular weekly tuition must be paid for the additional time absent.


We are not responsible for weather conditions or national emergencies which cause the school to close.




The Tree House Educational Center reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time for any reason, including but not limited to late payment, misbehavior or unruliness of the child or parent. Our staff will make every effort to give a reasonable notice to allow parents time to obtain alternate child care arrangements.


Parents also have the right to withdraw a child from the school at any time, for any reason. However, you most give the school a two-week notice by written  when canceling services, if you remove your child from the school with out notice you are responsible to pay the following two weeks.  We will charge the amount due on the credit card number given to us by you in the full time contract.




We serve appetizing, adequate meals. We encourage children to try new foods, but do not insist that they eat foods which are disliked. If a child’s diet must be modified for health reasons, a physician’s written explanation is required. If a child’s diet is modified for cultural or religious reasons, the parent is asked to put the request in writing, and may be asked to help provide supplemental food. Menus are posted in each classroom. We provide approximately two-thirds of the child’s daily nutritional needs. Seconds are offered to the children. Mealtimes are relaxed times, rich with conversation and fellowship. We welcome donations of commercially prepared baked goods, etc. on special holidays such as Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Birthday parties are great! Celebrating birthdays at the school is fun, but please notify the teacher two days before, so plans can be made. Tuition includes breakfast, a hot lunch, and afternoon snack.




Open communication, guidance and re-direction are our priorities when it comes to the care of your child, and we work with him/her in a positive, friendly manner. The Tree House Educational Center believes in age appropriate discipline and redirecting negative behavior into positive behavior. This style of discipline teaches the values of self-respect, respect for others, their property, and self control through order and routine. Each class will have a set of simple rules and consequences that are appropriate for the age group. However, if a child has serious behavior problem the parents will be notified, an action plan will be formed and followed. If the child continues with the behavior, for the child’s safety he or she will be removed from the Educational. This action will be taken only after mutual corrective strategies have been proven unsuccessful. (Biting is not acceptable. your child will be removed from the school the second time he/she bites, no exception.)


The Tree House Educational Center will not use any form of physical discipline (spanking) nor use any method of discipline associated with food, rest or toileting.


Parent Behavior


The personnel of the school will treat parents with respect therefore we ask that you in turn do the same. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed please do so with kind words and mannerisms. If you fail to adhere to this request, your child will be taken out of the program and you will be asked to leave the facility. It is important that you and your child’s teacher interact in a positive, friendly manner as to provide the best quality care possible.




Your child’s health is of major importance to the school. When a child is sick he love to be with his parent at home. Children who are mildly ill (e.g., minor cold symptoms) may remain at the school only with an Administrator’s approval. Children should be fully able to participate in all activities, including outdoor play. Should your child become ill at the school, we will call if it is necessary for you to pick him/her up. Parents have two hours to pick up their child, if the parents don’t come on time he will be charge late fee. The following guidelines should be considered in determining if your child should be kept out of the school:


  • A temperature over 100* or more.
  • Intestinal upset along with diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Sore Throat (with fever or swollen glands).
  • An eye infection, Conjunctivitis (discharging eyes, pink eye).
  • Rash (especially with a fever or itching).
  • Active sneezing or coughing.
  • Stiff neck


Please do not give Tylenol, Motrin, etc.. in the  morning! If your child is sick enough to need medicine, they should stay at home. We thank you in your efforts, with us to keep all the children healthy. Thank you!


Note: When your child comes back you need to bring a doctor’s note or medical certificate specifying when he/she can return. Please notify the Director at once if your child has a communicable disease.




Some times a child is no longer ill and is able to return to the school, but is still required to take medication. Only prescription medication authorized by a physician in the original container can be given to the child. We will not administer over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, cough medicine or medicated cream.


All staff members have current Red Cross, 1st Aid and CPR Training.




We ask that parents closely supervise their children in the driveway, lobbies, and elsewhere in the school. When departing from the center, please resist having the children run to the car while the parent signs them out. Sticking together seems to be a reasonable safety request.


Children must be signed in and out each day in the front lobby. This is extremely important since this is used to check attendance during emergency drills or events. Children are released only to persons for whom the staff has written permission from the parent. Parents should provide us with the social security number of any person designated to pick up a child. We will ask to see photo identification.


Admittance to the building is by a buzzer/doorbell at the front door entrance. All doors are locked at all time for security. Doors are easily opened from the inside in case of emergency. The school is monitored indoors and outdoors by camera surveillance.



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